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22 Jul

Vaulting Credit Card Data Reduces Risk

Vaulting Credit Card Data Reduces Risk You have all your security controls in place, you’ve met your compliance objectives for the year, and you’re looking into that new box with the blinky light that is the “next gen” solution that’s going to revolutionize and disrupt the information security space.  Wait

15 Jul

Universities/Colleges Get a Failing Grade on Data Security

Universities/ Colleges get a Failing Grade on Data Security The University of Maryland, Indiana University, Butler University all now have something in common and it is not pretty, a data breach. Millions of dollars will be spent and culpability assigned to the lax security methods. Each breach has a common

02 Jul

The Soft Costs Of A Data Breach

THE SOFT COSTS OF A DATA BREACH Co-Founder of TokenEx®, the Expanding Cloud-Based Data Tokenization Resource, Reveals the Hidden Costs of Hacks According to the Ponemon Institute's 2014 Cost of Data Breach Study, the average financial cost for each stolen record rose from $188 to $201, and the total average cost