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17 Dec

Consumer Authentication – The Liability Shift

Consumer Authentication – What’s in it for Me? Many merchants with an online presence have been hesitant to implement consumer authentication for a variety of reasons. With the use of ‘3-D Secure’ (3DS, Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode) customers may be more likely to abandon a purchase if they feel

11 Dec

EMV Payment Security – Consumer Authentication

EMV Payment Security – Consumer Authentication Companies worldwide are starting to conduct more thorough consumer authentication online due to increased fraud.  With the adoption of EMV technology, thorough consumer authentication is even more critical.  Europe, for example, saw a sharp increase in online fraud that followed the deployment of EMV. 

04 Dec

EMV for Petroleum Retailers

EMV for Petroleum Retailers Petroleum retailers across the United States are at a pivotal crossroads when it comes to card present fraud. By October 1st, 2017 all petroleum retailers must adopt EMV or pay for credit card fraud themselves. Gasoline retailers have about two years longer than standard retailers because

01 Dec

Retailers Get Ready – The Impact of EMV

Retailers Get Ready – The Impact of EMV If you’ve read any payment or retailer focused articles lately, you know that the upcoming EMV liability shifts promises to be one of the most significant issues facing retailers in 2015 if not the decade. Retailers are understandably hesitant to foot the