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22 Apr

Elastic Tokenization Pricing Models

Elastic Tokenization Pricing Models Accommodate Your Business The TokenEx Cloud Security Platform is designed to provide tokenization and data security to many different types of organizations: from e-commerce, retail, healthcare, and insurance, to not-for-profits, charities, and higher education. Each type of organization requires different combinations of tokenization, data vaulting, and

13 Apr

TokenEx vs. Payment Processors – Evaluating Tokenization Services

TokenEx vs. Payment Processor Solutions As the repercussions of payment data theft rise in direct proportion with the alarming frequency of successful attacks, many organizations are seeking additional methods of safeguarding their treasure trove of data. Cloud-based payment tokenization is the only security technique that ensures your sensitive data can

10 Apr

Outsourcing Tokenization vs. On-Premise Data Security

Outsourcing Tokenization vs. On-Premise Data Security Every data security solution has the same ultimate goal – reduce the risk of handling and storing sensitive data. Nobody wants to face a breach or a service outage, and every solution will have ways of managing that risk. The differences arise in the

03 Apr

Evolution of Tokenization Deployment Models

Tokenization Evolution – Integration Deployment Models Tokenization has been thrust to the forefront of data security. The technology has existed for quite a while it just went under the name masking, hashing, obfuscation or a litany of other terms. The reason why so many organizations are moving to tokenize their