About TokenEx

About TokenEx

About TokenEx

The Creation of a Cloud Security Platform

As commerce and financial transactions expand to web sites, mobile apps, and globally distributed call centers, so grows the need to ensure that sensitive data cannot be stolen—whether in transit over the internet or flowing through internal business systems. But in the last decade, the theft of financial, personal, and healthcare related data has made headlines around the world. The increasing number of successful data thefts by very sophisticated international hacker groups and government-sponsored industrial espionage organizations highlights the increasing need to protect financial, personal, health, and product information.

TokenEx was founded by two security experts—Alex Pezold and Dr. Jerald Dawkins—to combat data theft while helping organizations reduce the costs associated with Payment Card Information (PCI) compliance. What started as an efficient and effective method of replacing payment card data with undecipherable tokens, rapidly evolved into a strategic platform as a service (PaaS) for data security. By integrating four key technologies—tokenization, encryption, data vaulting, and key management—with a highly secure cloud-computing platform, TokenEx has grown rapidly, becoming the choice tokenization vendor for data security.


Why a Security Platform is Key to Protecting All Data Types

The rapid evolution of cloud computing provides organizations with lower-cost, high- availability computing resources (infrastructure as a service), as well as software as a service (SaaS) ranging from manufacturing resource planning, customer support, sales management, financial services, and e-commerce. Now TokenEx brings data security as a service (dSaaS) to the cloud. A cloud platform for data security is TokenEx’s key differentiator among the providers of payment processor tokenization, data encryption solutions, and on-premise data security technologies.

Alex and Jerald took the road less travelled when designing the TokenEx Cloud Security Platform. Having previously worked with device-centric security systems, they knew that the hardware that interfaces with payment cards would always be just one part of the security equation. By acknowledging the sophistication of data thieves, as well as the enormous resources behind state-sponsored hackers, the purest solution to avoiding data theft is—not to have any data to steal. It was a radically different approach compared to the traditional avenues of building thicker and higher firewalls to defend the data fortress—remove and store the data away from the target business. For payment data in particular, this solved two urgent problems: 1. greatly decreasing the costly scope of PCI compliance; 2. removing the risk of losing any data and the repercussions of lawsuits, financial fines, and adverse publicity that drives away customers.

The TokenEx Cloud Data Protection Platform provides tokenization, encryption, and data vaulting as a unified software as a service. Designed from the beginning to be payment processor and card-reader device agnostic, the cloud platform integrates transparently with your existing business processes and payment providers. In most cases, the integration with TokenEx is so seamless that your employees don’t even know it’s working in the background. Because the sensitive payment, personal, and health data is completely removed from your business systems, a successful breach by hackers and their malware bots results in no loss of data, just streams of tokens that are useless to them. All your data is safely vaulted in the secure cloud platform, ready to be processed on demand simply by swapping tokens for data as you interact with your payment providers and service partners.

Alex and Jerald continue to grow TokenEx with more services, expanding key partnerships, and providing hands-on consulting to ensure each client’s transition to tokenization is successful and customized to fit their business needs. Security is never a case of “one solution works for all organizations”. The TokenEx team makes sure that your business processes work as you need them to with secure data vaulting, tokenization, and open payment processor integration. With the capability to tokenize any type of data, not just payment card information, your organization need not fear the inevitable attack on your business.

Explore and Learn

This website is designed to help you learn about the TokenEx Cloud Security Platform and how it protects your organization’s sensitive data. But don’t take just our word for it. TokenEx has received multiple awards for its security innovations and has been highlighted in a myriad of trade periodicals on security and PCI compliance. The more you understand about tokenization, PCI compliance, working with payment processors and the many ways you can protect your sensitive business data, the better decisions you’ll make. Explore this site. Do your research. Then talk with us about how we can help.

Metro 50 Winner

The Metro 50 Awards Banquet is one of Greater Oklahoma City’s most prestigious events. The metropolitan area’s fastest growing, privately held companies are ranked based on their percentage of annual growth between 2013 and 2015 and the award is given out by the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce. TokenEx is humbled and honored to be the winner of the Metro 50 2016 Award.


Alex Pezold

CEO and Co-Founder

bio_alex_p1Alex guides business development and customer success at TokenEx. Prior to founding TokenEx, Alex served as a Director of Business Development and was a strategic advisor to CSOs and Executive Management surrounding Information Assurance, Information Security, and Compliance. A former Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) with the PCI Security Standards Council, Alex has developed a mindshare in the compliance and risk reduction arena. Alex has held his CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), holds CNSS Certifications, and obtained his Masters of Science in Computer Science with emphasis in Information Security from the University of Tulsa in Tulsa, OK.

The most important part of Alex’s life is his family, wife Stacey and two fantastic kids. Much of his time is spent with them in kids’ activities.  Independent of his kids, Alex enjoys water/snow skiing in Utah, squash, scotch tasting, and is actively involved with the Infant Crisis Center and Team in Training organizations.

Jerald Dawkins Ph.D.


bio_jerold_d1Dr. Jerald Dawkins is a Co-Founder of TokenEx and has extensive experience with secure coding and data security. Jerry is the author of multiple publications and presents at national and international conferences. He also holds the following certifications: CISSP, NSA IAM, and CNS 4011-4015. Jerry received his B.A. in Computer Science from Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO and his M.S. and Ph.D. Degrees in Computer Science from the University of Tulsa in Tulsa, OK.

Outside of engineering the leading cloud-based data security platform in the market today, Jerald is an avid wake boarder and water skier, spending most weekends at the lake enjoying his family.  Jerald is also actively involved in mentoring and developing young talent in the Information Security and Assurance arena at the University of Tulsa.