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19 Feb

What is a data subject?

Enacted in May of 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation standardizes data privacy laws across the European Union with the aim of protecting EU citizens’ data and requiring organizations to provide clear terms of consent for collecting it. The regulation, which applies to all entities wishing to obtain data while

15 Jan

TokenEx partners with leading governance, risk and compliance platform, SureCloud

Data security companies look forward to “complementary” combination of security solutions TokenEx and SureCloud announced today that they are partnering to further streamline compliance for both entities’ customers. “I am very excited about our partnership with SureCloud,” said TokenEx Head of Global Privacy and Compliance Solutions John Noltensmeyer. “Our clients

26 Dec

De-scoping PCI Compliance


Utilizing Tokenization to Reduce Scope and Achieve PCI Compliance Descoping a data environment to achieve PCI compliance is often the primary goal of entities subject to the PCI DSS. Several methods exist for achieving this, but one of the easiest and most common is to outsource the management of sensitive

17 Dec

Edge Tokenization Leverages Existing Technology To Reduce Risk and PCI Scope


Minimizing scope and risk should be the top priorities of an entity pursuing PCI compliance. A simple, efficient method for accomplishing both tasks is edge tokenization, a process that employs load balancers to push tokenization to the edge of your environment. Here’s how it works. Edge Tokenization Explained Load balancers,

10 Dec

PCI Compliance Checklist


The Payment Card Information Data Security Standard is an industry standard for securing cardholder data around the world. Anyone processing, storing or transmitting cardholder data must adhere to it if they want to use cards from the major payment card brands who created and adopted the standard. The PCI DSS