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20 Apr

Fintech is Solving Problems in Finance, but Introducing Risk Part 2 of 3

In our last installment, we covered what fintech is, and how it is creating new revenue streams by changing the way money moves between organizations and customers. We also covered how the security architecture of the fintech can introduce massive risk into your organization. Fintech is utilizing a number of

12 Apr

Fintech is Solving Problems in Finance, but Introducing Risk – Part 1 of 3

As financial institutions move away from legacy environments to full digitization, they are realizing that they are not able to offer all of the digital financial services because of prohibitive development costs, speed to market, lack of technical resources…

08 Mar

Visa and Mastercard Sharing Tokens – The Impact on Tokenization Service Providers

Mastercard announced at the end of 2016 that it would be partnering with Visa Checkout to share tokens with Masterpass for provisioning. This would allow either wallet to request tokenized payment card information to be used in either system.

15 Feb

Breach Liability- 3rd Party Vendor Guarantees

Breach Liability- 3rd Party Vendor Guarantees Who is liable in the case of a data breach for your organization? Is it your internal IT team? The 3rd party vendor you chose for fraud prevention, encryption, or tokenization? Enterprise organizations worldwide are looking for their 3rd party vendors to accept full

18 Jan

Don’t be Next – Securing Usernames and Passwords with Tokenization

Yahoo- 1 Billion, Myspace– 427 Million, Oracle’s Micros- 330 Million, Ashley Madison– 300 Million, LinkedIn- 167 Million, Dropbox- 68 million: these are the amounts of exposed usernames, passwords, and numerous pieces of valuable PII breached in 2016. What’s incredible is that this list is just the tip of the iceberg,

21 Dec

Managing Data – Not All Tokenization Is Equal Part 3 of 3

  If you are currently tokenizing only payment card data sets, you are putting your organization in harm’s way to a degree you may not even realize. The long-term impact of not securing ALL data sets will prove very different- and much more expensive- for your organization than exposing traditional PCI

01 Dec

Managing Integration – Not All Tokenization Solutions Are Equal Part 2 of 3

  Integration is the ultimate litmus test to see if a product works or not. Integrations, by nature, cause IT departments to lose sleep at night. Introducing new technology into legacy systems, connecting multiple ERP’s, and avoiding latency when sending or receiving data across multiple channels are just a few