Tokenizing the Not-for-Profit Organization

Case Studies

A Charitable Tokenization Project

Learn how an international charity implemented the TokenEx Cloud Security Platform, and benefited by dramatically reducing the scope and cost of PCI compliance. “With TokenEx it wasn’t a case of ‘it’s easy to buy but expensive to maintain.’ TokenEx is in fact very easy to buy, implement, and maintain. Our ongoing tokenization costs are very reasonable, especially for a charity.”

Goal: Increase Donations with Multi-Channel Payment Acceptance

Humanitarian charities have a laser focus on their mission of turning the good will and funding of their patrons into services and material support for less fortunate families all over the world. In order to make it as easy as possible for sponsors to contribute, charities and other not-forprofit organizations strive to accept payments in multiple forms, via multiple channels, but favor the ubiquitous credit card. For Internet-savvy charities, a majority of donations come via their web sites, making it easy for patrons to set up accounts and enter payment information. This provides the most frictionless funding method for a charity—as well as for the sponsors— to support children almost anywhere in the world. However, these recurring contributions are a “card not present” transaction with the payment account numbers (PANs) stored in the financial systems for monthly reuse—easy pickings for hackers should the database be breached…