Allant Case Study: Tokenizing PII, PCI Compliance, and Data Vaulting

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Allant Case Study: Tokenizing PII, PCI Compliance, and Data Vaulting

Learn how Allant implemented the TokenEx Cloud Security Platform and benefited by dramatically reducing risk and moving to the cloud. “We’d rather have that data protected by a partner for which tokenization and data vaulting is the primary capability, so to cut the anchor that the PCI island had become, we began to look for a security partner whose main expertise was data tokenization with a cloud architecture that could grow with our business.”

The Allant Group, headquartered in Naperville, Illinois, combines customer and business intelligence applications to help enterprise and mid-market clients gain more valuable insights and drive marketing performance of omni-channel business. That means that Big Data is at the very heart of its operations. Allant collects and aggregates large volumes of PCI (payment card information), bank account information, demographics, and personally identifiable information (PII). Allant’s clients—in the telecommunications, retail, media, publishing, travel, sporting events, financial services, healthcare, technology, and automotive industries—receive custom-tailored subsets of these enormous data sets to use with Allant’s applications to power their marketing programs.

Receiving, storing, and transmitting such copious amounts of PCI and PII data entails inherent risk not only to Allant, but to their clients, as well. Allant’s clients come to them because they want professionals who understand that risk, knowing that if any of that data were is mishandled, stolen by hackers, or exposed in a data breach, it would be disastrous. Therefore, Allant has always carefully guarded the sensitive data by maintaining its own highly secure IT environment with an on-premise tokenized PCI Island—a computing and data storage entity that is isolated on its own network, separate from the other business systems and processes. Allant analytic and marketing applications make tokenized calls to the databases in the PCI Island when processing sensitive data. Only tokens representing the real data are used outside of the PCI Island…

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