CCPA Primer: What You Need to Know About the California Consumer Privacy Act

Learn how CCPA will impact data monetization, rights to access, deletion, and porting of personal data.

The California Consumer Privacy Act (AB 375, or CCPA for short) is a law passed by California’s state legislature in June of 2018. As indicated by its name, the law focuses on personal data and is designed in large part to enable California citizens to more easily and readily request, delete, or protect their personal information stored and processed in an organization’s environment. When it rolls into effect in 2020 (there will likely be changes before then), this Act will apply to a subset of businesses that store or process the personal data of California residents, regardless of where or how that business operates.

The new regulation comes as a response to a demand for stricter regulations and stronger enforcement for businesses whose practices result in the mishandling or the exploitation of their customers’ private data