Globalfaces Direct: Enabling Multi-channel Payment Acceptance

Case Studies

Globalfaces Case Study

Learn how Globalfaces Direct implemented the TokenEx Cloud Security Platform, and benefited by enabling multi-channel payment acceptance, increased visibility in reporting, and significantly reduced risk and compliance. “Not being able to process payments in real-time meant we would have to wait for days and even weeks to see if the payment had actually processed. We needed to be able to see what was happening in real-time. We have to constantly train, coach, and monitor the professional fundraisers to guarantee that the donations are submitted properly and in a timely fashion,” says Davison.

The Not-for- Profit (NFP) world has seen a drastic shift in how they conduct business. This is due in part to the ability to accept donations at any point and at any time, because when people are feeling philanthropic, you must meet them where they are. At the front door, online, call centers, mail-in donations- the list continues to grow. Multi-channel donation acceptance is no longer optional for NFP’s. Therein lies the problem. The majority of these charitable organizations have traditionally spent so much of their time and manpower raising, processing, and tracking money that they have been left with less time, less energy to truly focus on their causes.

Enter Globalfaces Direct (GFD). For GFD founders Matt Davison, Peter Hwang, Jordan Nott, and Nick Francis the idea was simple– strengthen local, national, and global campaigns with a face-to- face fundraising partner that gets more long-term donors than any other provider. They had one goal— to be the very best fundraiser in the NFP space and enable charities to spend their time reaching out. Looking around the globe at the vast amount of time and effort each individual charity was channeling into raising money for their own causes, and knowing there was a way to increase everyone’s efficiency, the partners realized they were on to something. Matt Davison and team “wanted a solution that would inspire people to give through integrative software solutions that save time and internal resources.”

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