Locus H2O Wireless-Syntec Card Easy: Removing PCI risk from omni-channel contact center

Case Studies

Locus H2O Wireless-Syntec Card Easy: Locus H2O Wireless removes PCI risk from omni-channel contact center

For many organizations, the contact center is becoming the nexus of omni-channel commerce. Incorporating Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) systems, live agents, chat bots, and web portals, what was once a problem-solving support center is now the focal point of payments that flow from customers through telephony lines. But with that shift comes the great responsibility of securing the payment and personal information that is collected, stored, and processed by agents and automated

Contact centers with human agents that accept payment card information must conform to the highest levels of the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS)—an expensive, time-consuming, and ongoing process. However, by removing all payment card information from the conversation between customers and live or automated agents, re-routing the sensitive data out of internal business systems, and storing only tokenized data, PCI compliance can be greatly reduced and the call center secured from data attacks. That was, in fact, the goal of Carlos Moreno, Payment and Fraud Analyst, at Locus Telecommunications, as his team tackled the security of their omni-channel contact center for the H2O Wireless brand.

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