CONFIGIO: Multiple Payment Service Providers

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CONFIGIO: Growing Ecommerce Revenue Utilizing Multiple Payment Service Providers

It’s difficult to think of a business today that does not have a major e-commerce component for attracting customers, taking orders, receiving payments, and delivering goods and services to and from almost anywhere in the global village. From local event organizers and national sporting brands, to charter schools, camps, and international accounting training programs, organizations need online payment carts that can use multiple payment gateways, to ensure secure transactions with their customers. They also need integrated marketing and sales support; scheduling and calendaring; and analytic reporting to successfully manage their organization’s events, products, and services.

Designing and building a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that is customizable, expandable, and secure enough to meet the needs of these diverse organizations is a challenge that co- founders Bob Bailey and Charles Lane took on to create the highly successful MyCustomEvent. Their keystone cloud application, Event Manager, is used by hundreds of organizations worldwide for event management and product sales with built-in secure payment processing. As MyCustomEvent President Bob Bailey describes their company, “We are a white label service provider, building custom e-commerce sites for over 10 years. Customization is what we do. We are continuously adding new functionality that our clients require to meet their business needs. We don’t force our clients to work within a box with limited capabilities. We adapt to them instead.”

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