Overcoming Data Security Challenges In Retail Petroleum Industry

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Overcoming Data Security Challenges In Retail Petroleum Industry

Receiving, storing, and transmitting sensitive data presents challenges for every business. One of the riskiest datasets to handle is payment card data, since it is relatively easy to steal, sell, and use for fraudulent purchases. Due to the ubiquitous presence of the industry and its 24×7 business model, retail petroleum organizations handle huge volumes of payment data and face some of the most complex payment card data issues, putting them in the crosshairs for data theft, fraud, and costly PCI compliance.

Thousands of Transactions a Day, Multiple Points of Attack

Imagine an average gas station with 10 two-sided stalls, or 20 pumps and accompanying pay terminals. On a normal day that one station is going to take hundreds of transactions; hundreds of card swipes. For a large retailer with hundreds of these stations scattered across states, that’s tens of thousands of opportunities for payment data theft as cards are read at the pump, payment data transmitted to the Point of Sale application in the station, routed to a payment processor, and ultimately to the financial back office systems at headquarters. This is, of course, in addition to the retail stores at the fueling stations where consumers purchase goods and pay for services using the same POS system. At any point in the payment stream—terminals, POS, network, or financial database—a hacker can potentially siphon off payment data…

Close up of a woman's hand doing transaction at petrol station