Tokenizing the Omni-Channel Organization

Case Studies

Tokenizing the Omni-Channel Organization

Read how TokenEx has helped organizations across different industries—with their specific data sets and business needs—quickly and easily integrate multiple acceptance channels with a secure, cloud-based tokenization platform that removes the burdens of PCI Compliance and the consequences of losing customer data.

Executive Overview

Every organization today receives some form of payment from their customers. Retailers in particular must cater to the immediate and varied demands of customers who want to “buy now” or they will quickly go elsewhere. Businesses must have an omni-channel environment to take payments via an online storefront, a call center operator, an app on a mobile device, or at a self-service checkout in a brick and mortar store. In fact, almost all organizations need an omni-channel strategy to add secure payment channels with the flexibility to do business with anyone, anywhere at anytime. With omni-channel flexibility comes the technical, legal, and financial hurdles of Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance to ensure that payment data is secure and safe from data breaches. And no matter how many layers of security controls that you wrap around your sensitive data, as long as it is captured, stored, processed, or transmitted in your environment, it is vulnerable to attack. Should there be a major breach of your customer data, your very business is at risk with the resulting hefty fines, lawsuits, loss of consumer confidence, and adverse publicity…

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