TSDweb Fleet Management: Driving Down PCI Compliance with Tokenization and Cloud Data Vaulting

Learn how tokenization and cloud data vaulting reduce PCI compliance.

TSDweb is an international provider of a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that delivers state-of-the-art fleet management applications to rental and car leasing companies, as well as dealerships with car loaner services. The TSD cloud application suite—TSDLOANER, TSDRENTAL, TSDREZ, and TSDDRIVE—provides reservation, rental agreement, and payment processing via browsers on the desktop and mobile applications on smartphones and tablets. Since TSD clients need nothing besides access to a browser or one of the TSD mobile apps to use the services, the SaaS system eliminates the need for costly back-office servers and databases. Not only is the TSD reservation and payment system intuitive and easy to use, TSD ensures that sensitive payment data is never in the rental agency’s or dealer’s on-premise computers, keeping the client at the lowest levels of PCI compliance and their customers’ payment data secure.

TSDweb - TokenEx Case Study