06 Nov

Tokenization Vs Encryption – 4 Quick Takeaways

1) How do you describe the differences between tokenization and encryption? Encryption takes the original value of sensitive data and through mathematics, generates a new value. The mathematics is what makes this value secure. Ultimately, the recipient needs the real value, so a key that supports the mathematics is shared

29 Oct

European Union High Courts Strike Down Safe Harbor – TokenEx is Prepared

Recently the European Union’s (EU) Highest Court struck down Safe Harbor, an agreement between the United States and the EU regarding the sharing of data between the regions for business purposes. From reports, there are approximately 4,500 US organizations that will be impacted by this ruling, including data vault and

28 Oct

Overcoming Major Data Security Challenges in Retail Petroleum Part 3

Part Three of a Three Part Blog: Industry Recommendations for Implementing a Tokenization Solution Looking back on the first two blogs in this series on the Retail Petroleum industry, I focused on the challenges of payment data security that this diverse industry faces. Chief among them is the different channels

19 Oct

Overcoming Major Data Security Challenges in Retail Petroleum Part 2

EMV is More Expensive Than You Think As discussed in the previous blog posting, with the sheer amount of transactional data flowing through retail petroleum industry environments, data security presents a challenging series of initiatives to overcome. With multiple technologies touching the payment stream—from the automated fuel dispenser to the

23 Sep

Overcoming Major Data Security Challenges in Retail Petroleum Part 1

Part One of a Three Part Blog:  Understanding Data Security Challenges in the Retail Petroleum Industry Receiving, storing, and transmitting sensitive data presents challenges for every business. One of the riskiest datasets to handle is payment card data, as it is easy to steal, sell, and use for fraudulent purchases. Due