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03 Apr

5 Takeaways from IAPP Global Privacy Summit

5 Takeaways from IAPP Global Privacy Summit The IAPP Global Privacy Summit was held last week in Washington, DC. TokenEx had the privilege of participating in the Summit as a sponsoring vendor.  It was refreshing to get exposed to so many great people, ideas, and developments in this exciting space.

29 Oct

European Union High Courts Strike Down Safe Harbor – TokenEx is Prepared

Recently the European Union’s (EU) Highest Court struck down Safe Harbor, an agreement between the United States and the EU regarding the sharing of data between the regions for business purposes. From reports, there are approximately 4,500 US organizations that will be impacted by this ruling, including data vault and

24 Jun

Not-for-Profits Need Layered Data Security

Not-For-Profit (NFP) and charity organizations need to process donations from every acceptance channel—including call centers, mobile apps, mail-in payments, and online payments—to make it as convenient as possible for their supporters to contribute. Unfortunately, all these channels are susceptible to hacks, phishing, and scammers searching for payment card and PII

16 Feb

Finance Industry Needs Tokenization, Fast

Finance Industry Needs Tokenization, Fast The JP Morgan/Chase data breach set off breach alarms around the world. Widely considered the most well secured financial network, or at least they spend more money than most financial institutions, and yet they were powerless to defend against one of the larger data breaches

03 Sep

JP Morgan Breached, Again – Ucard Program Targeted

JP Morgan Breached, Again – Ucard Program Targeted JP Morgan was breached for the second time in 2 years with their Ucard program being the center of the attack. 2013’s attack led to 50,000 people being exposed, while the current attack numbers are still being tabulated. Forensics and numbers are

03 Sep

Tokenex Partners with PDEX to Offer True Cost Processing for Not-For-Profits

TokeneEx Partners with Payment Data Exchange (PDEX) to offer “True Cost” Processing TokenEx (Cloud Tokenization Security Solutions) has partnered with Payment Data Exchange (PDEX–Merchant Processor) to bring our Non-Profit customers $0.02 transaction fees per transaction, plus cost. I.E., we are offering “True Cost” pricing and our Cloud Tokenization Solution. To

25 Aug

How To Choose The Best Data Protection Program

How To Choose The Best Data Protection Program For Your Company After this recent rash of malicious hacks that compromised millions of people’s financial security and right to privacy, every organization should not only be on high alert, but they should be paying more attention to their current data security