23 Feb

Utilizing the PCI DSS and NIST Regulations to Prepare for the GDPR

Utilizing the PCI DSS and NIST Regulations to Prepare for the GDPR Data privacy and data security are among the biggest and increasingly complex challenges facing organizations today. Most organizations are attempting to deal with these challenges against a backdrop of international data transfers and data processing, while trying to

09 Feb

4 Takeaways from the PCI London 2018 Conference

4 Takeaways from the PCI London 2018 Conference PCI London 2018 was a truly transformative event for gaining an understanding of how UK- and EU-based organizations are securing their payment card data and personal information. While the focus at the event was certainly on PCI (Payment Card Information) compliance, and

19 Oct

Overcoming Major Data Security Challenges in Retail Petroleum Part 2

EMV is More Expensive Than You Think As discussed in the previous blog posting, with the sheer amount of transactional data flowing through retail petroleum industry environments, data security presents a challenging series of initiatives to overcome. With multiple technologies touching the payment stream—from the automated fuel dispenser to the

23 Sep

Overcoming Major Data Security Challenges in Retail Petroleum Part 1

Part One of a Three Part Blog:  Understanding Data Security Challenges in the Retail Petroleum Industry Receiving, storing, and transmitting sensitive data presents challenges for every business. One of the riskiest datasets to handle is payment card data, as it is easy to steal, sell, and use for fraudulent purchases. Due

25 Aug

Are Global Card Brands Stacking the Deck with EMVco?

The card brands have something up their sleeve with the EMVco network tokenization standards. According to the April 2015 PCI document “Tokenization Product Security Guidelines” EMVco has set proprietary standards on network tokenization. These new suggested proprietary standards obviously benefit the card brands and are intended to create additional barriers

16 Jul

Storing Payment Card Information Puts Not-For-Profits At Serious Risk

Tokenization is the buzzword that retailers all over the world are talking about. The reason why is retailers are starting to learn that when you tokenize Payment Card Information (PCI), your PCI compliance/scope are significantly reduced saving you to the hundreds of thousands of dollars in reduced audit costs and

24 Jun

Not-for-Profits Need Layered Data Security

Not-For-Profit (NFP) and charity organizations need to process donations from every acceptance channel—including call centers, mobile apps, mail-in payments, and online payments—to make it as convenient as possible for their supporters to contribute. Unfortunately, all these channels are susceptible to hacks, phishing, and scammers searching for payment card and PII