08 Mar

Visa and Mastercard Sharing Tokens – The Impact on Tokenization Service Providers

Mastercard announced at the end of 2016 that it would be partnering with Visa Checkout to share tokens with Masterpass for provisioning. This would allow either wallet to request tokenized payment card information to be used in either system.

16 May

The Case for Volume-based Vs Transaction Pricing for Tokenization

Whether your organization is an online merchant, a storefront retailor, a non-profit charity organization, or a university bursar’s office, you are familiar with the growing costs of using payment service providers (PSPs) that take a healthy cut from every payment transaction. Now, PSPs are starting to layer in other services

23 Mar

Encryption – There is No Silver Bullet for Information Security

In the information security arena, a commonly heard phrase is “silver bullet” – the all-encompassing data security tool, firewall, or an entire application platform that will stop a data breach in its tracks and keep all sensitive customer data secure. Guess what? There is no one singular solution that will

23 Feb

TokenEx Provides Freedom of Choice to Use Multiple PSPs

Without the right integration partner, global organizations face a complicated situation when trying to use multiple Payment Service Providers (PSPs) to conduct business. They may need to tokenize payment data across multiple PSPs for business purposes, such as for in-country settlement. Or an e-commerce web site builder needs to provide

02 Feb

Here a token, there a token. Interview

    About Us TokenEx was founded by two security experts to combat data theft while helping organizations reduce the costs associated with Payment Card Information (PCI) compliance. By integrating four key technologies—tokenization, encryption, data vaulting, and key management—with a highly secure cloud-computing platform, TokenEx has grown rapidly, becoming the

28 Dec

Cyber-Criminals Want Your PII — Is Your Data Secure?

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is the most valuable information for the worldwide network of fraudsters. PII records generally sell for around $50/record on the black market, as opposed to around $5/payment account number (PAN). You can do the ugly math on the Anthem healthcare hack that exposed 78 million records.

09 Dec

Payment Service Providers Lack Flexibility

Are you locked into one payment service provider (PSP) for your tokenization solution? What do you when your current PSP goes offline? What do you do when you need to utilize multiple PSPs in different geographical regions? PSPs have long held organizations hostage with onerous contracts, high transaction rates, and