21 Dec

Managing Data – Not All Tokenization Is Equal Part 3 of 3

  If you are currently tokenizing only payment card data sets, you are putting your organization in harm’s way to a degree you may not even realize. The long-term impact of not securing ALL data sets will prove very different- and much more expensive- for your organization than exposing traditional PCI

28 Apr

Were the Panama Papers Revealed by A Whistleblower, Hacktivist, or Thief? Should it Matter to Security Professionals?

The Panama Papers have the world’s full attention. The pundits conjecture that the Prime Minister of Iceland stepping down from power due to revealed financial improprieties is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg of a global financial scandal. Is this finally a case of a heroic insider at a

01 Jun


TokenEx had the good fortune of receiving an initial round of funding from two private investors in August of 2010. This funding was secured to enable TokenEx to: Develop proof-of-concept Build a Beta System from the proof-of-concept, and Sign our first customer. To date, a proof-of-concept has been successfully built,