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Contact Centers

Contact Centers

DTMF (Dual-tone Multi-frequency)

Dual-tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) capabilities in the Contact Center environment have been truly revolutionary for any number of reasons. This technology has aided in faster payments, reduced abandonment by customers wishing to make a payment quickly, and increased customer satisfaction as there are no more call quality issues when dialing in payment information. Most organizations who have, or who will have, a contact center component in their payment acceptance strategy will leverage DTMF as a primary or secondary component for accepting payments. Whether they are using an internal DTMF module that is part of a larger software package or if they have invested in a third-party outsourced DTMF solution – PCI compliance is still very much in scope in some capacity.

Due to the flexibility and ease of using the TokenEx platform, our customers who use and our partners who offer DTMF capabilities have successfully integrated and are tokenizing sensitive data today reducing risk and compliance obligations. Similar to that of IVR capabilities, once the sensitive data has been digitized through the DTMF solution, a simple web service call is made to TokenEx to tokenize the sensitive data. TokenEx will return a token, which will be ingested and will traverse the remainder of the customer or partner network. Whether supplying DTMF internally or partnering with a third-party vendor, TokenEx can integrate and support the tokenization of data through this channel with relative ease, reducing overhead and the anxiety of more costly scenarios offered on the market today. For more information on how our customers and partners leverage TokenEx in conjunction with their DTMF solutions, please contact us.

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