Customer Portal

Customer Portal

Customer Portal

TokenEx Customer Portal

Visibility is a very important, yet rarely provided by service providers today.  By partnering with TokenEx, our customers understand that we embrace visibility and transparency across all aspects of our business.

The TokenEx Customer Portal gives you the ability to monitor, control, and manage your TokenEx account. It provides visibility into utilization of our platform, including vaulted record volumes, API calls usage statistics, and error details.  It also provides capabilities for managing IP whitelists and API keys, as well as adding data vaults to your account. The portal gives you the power to view, control, and make instant changes to your account settings without having to create support tickets.

While the TokenEx Support Team can make any account changes for you as needed, you can use the Customer Portal for monitoring and making changes on your schedule. The TokenEx Customer Portal is just one more aspect of our effort to provide exceptional levels of customer support and satisfaction through either one-to-one consulting or self-service processes.

To make the day-to-day management of your vaults 24×7 self-service, the TokenEx Customer Portal provides:


  • Platform Usage by Method
  • Platform Usage by Week/Month
  • Token Count


  • Log Viewer
  • Service Status


  • Private Secure Messaging
  • IP Whitelist Management

Data Vault Creation * access management

Customer Portal Provides Secure Communication and Control

First and foremost, we want you to understand that all electronic communication and data sharing with TokenEx is handled securely, whether through email, our Customer Portal, or our cloud-based tokenization platform.

The TokenEx Customer Portal uses two-factor authentication to ensure secure access to the portal. Entering your username and password to login to the portal sends a unique authentication code to your mobile number via SMS or email address. All messaging between the Secure Messaging Page and your personnel is through an encrypted connection and stored in an encrypted state. A session persists until the communication is “closed” and it is then erased. Secure messaging ensures the privacy and security of your data, while providing 24×7 online access to TokenEx Technical Support.

The TokenEx Portal and its secure messaging functionality allows for TokenEx support to communicate sensitive account information with customers such as API keys or SFTP credentials in a secure and restrictive manner. The TokenEx Customer Portal provides the primary method for TokenEx staff to communicate with our customers when discussing or sharing information at an account level. The supporting IT environment for the TokenEx Customer Portal is completely separate from the Secure Data Vaults.

Portal to Transparency

TokenEx promotes transparency in all the ways we work with you. From our no-contract flexible pricing model, to providing visibility into your tokenization costs at any time, to presenting your metrics in easy-to-understand graphics. It’s our business philosophy to ensure you are always in control of your data.  Couple that with an always available testing environment and insights into overall platform statistics, TokenEx is able to provide added security for your data without compromising control.

TokenEx Customers can find more information on the Customer Portal capabilities here.

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