Hosted Payment Page



Hosted Payment Page Provides Flexible Security

A hosted payment page replaces your final checkout page—where payment data is entered—with a simple string of code that redirects all a customer’s payment input to a secure page on the TokenEx Cloud Security Platform. From that point on in the transaction, no payment data flows into your system. TokenEx sends payment data to your payment gateway provider and returns the authorization to you to compete the transaction. It’s all invisible to the customer because they continue to see your web page design and functionality, but the processing is offloaded to the TokenEx Cloud Platform. By choosing TokenEx to host your payment page, you greatly reduce the number of controls and scope of PCI compliance for your systems, typically down to the SAQ-A level.

A hosted payment page needs to be flexible enough to interface with your other e-commerce partners such as a fraud detection service or marketing analytics provider. The TokenEx Cloud Security Platform has the capability to pass payment information to your partner vendors so they can work in concert with your shopping experience. For example, as your customer fills out the payment form, the credit information can be passed to a fraud detection partner, the transaction is approved or denied and authorization is sent back to you via TokenEx. Your systems never capture or store any payment information, just the tokens, keeping them outside the scope of PCI compliance.

Not all tokenization solutions are flexible enough to meld with the way you want to do business. You don’t want a security provider that just offloads your final payment page to their site, which is branded and designed by them. It’s disruptive to the shopping experience and can lead to abandoned shopping carts as the customer battles with a different UI and possibly different user IDs and passwords. TokenEx Hosted pages use your design, your CSS to make the final step of the shopping experience seamless to your customer.

Why is a Hosted Payment Page Important To My Business?


No sensitive data touches web servers


Fully Customized – Dynamic data passed between applications


Eliminates most controls from PCI Scope (SAQ-A)

How Does a Hosted Payment Page Work?