Deployment Models

Deployment Models

Deployment Models

Rightsizing Data Vaulting for Your Business Needs

The goal of tokenization and secure data vaulting is to get toxic payment card data and other personally identifiable information out of your business systems. Doing so eliminates the risk of data theft and the resulting financial losses and damage to your reputation. It also reduces the scope and therefore the overall cost of obtaining and maintaining PCI compliance. TokenEx provides a comprehensive range of services to intercept payment data before it enters your information systems, tokenize it for your business use, store the sensitive data in secure data vaults, and streamline the flow of payment data through your choice of payment gateway providers.

At the heart of these services is the TokenEx Cloud Security Platform running in secure data centers. Cloud architectures are based on the infrastructure of the fault-tolerant Internet and secure, redundant data centers. The data you choose to tokenize—payment card, personally identifiable information, and personal healthcare information—is securely vaulted within the cloud platform data centers.

Single Tenant Deployment

Some global enterprises, such as financial institutions and healthcare insurance organizations, process payments and PII data in very large volumes. Their payment flow and token exchanges can change from rivers to torrential floods of data in cycles throughout the global business day. These organizations may require dedicated computing resources to manage the ebb and flow of payment data.

Multi-Tenant Deployment

SaaS Provides Economical Elastic Computing. The TokenEx Cloud Security Platform is a multi-tenancy SaaS (Software as a Service) specially designed for high-security and maximum computing resource efficiency. Multi-tenancy simply means that each client is maintained as a separate tenant and all your data—payment card data, tokens, and PII—is kept separate from all other tenants. Yet all tenants take advantage of the same software features as well as the computing infrastructure. It’s like living in an apartment complex that has common facilities for the building—power, HVAC, water—but has completely separate and secure living spaces for each tenant. You share the plumbing with other tenants but not your kitchen. Your apartment is separate and secure. Only you have the keys to access what’s inside it. So it is with each tenant’s data.

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