Deployment Models

Deployment Models

Multi-Tenancy SaaS Provides Economical Elastic Computing

The TokenEx Data Protection Platform is a multi-tenancy SaaS (Software as a Service) specially designed for high-security and maximum computing resource efficiency. Multi-tenancy simply means that each client is maintained as a separate tenant and all your data—payment card data, tokens, and PII—is kept separate from all other tenants. Yet all tenants take advantage of the same software features as well as the computing infrastructure. It’s like living in an apartment complex that has common facilities for the building—power, HVAC, water—but has completely separate and secure living spaces for each tenant. You share the plumbing with other tenants, but not your kitchen. Your apartment is separate and secure. Only you have the keys to access what’s inside it. So it is with each tenant’s data.

Most cloud platforms are multi-tenant because of the shear efficiency of combining databases, networks, web servers, and backup on geographically redundant data centers. You get access to an elastic resource of computing power that expands as you need it, while only paying for the services you use. For most mid-sized companies, it makes economic sense to leverage a multi-tenant cloud platform and get the resources you need at a predictable rate. It is much more cost effective than running your own data center, managing databases, attending to security requirements, and backing up all your own data. You are relieved of all the risk of storing and transmitting payment card information and personally identifiable information.

As a multi-tenant client, you have access to the full range of TokenEx services and solutions: e-commerce, batch processing, web services, virtual terminal, and point-to-point encryption (P2PE).

Ask Us How Cloud Tokenization Secures Your Business-Critical Information

Our clients depend on TokenEx to provide a complete and customizable tokenization solution for their omni-channel payment streams and PII data. Let us show you how a unified cloud tokenization platform can help your organization secure all types of data. Call 1.877.316.4544 or click on the contact button to make an appointment to discuss your specific challenges..