Deployment Models

Deployment Models

Single-Tenancy SaaS Provides Enterprise-Class Flexibility

Some global enterprises, such as financial institutions and healthcare insurance organizations, process payments and PII data in very large volumes. Their payment flow and token exchanges can change from rivers to torrential floods of data throughout the global business day. These organizations may require dedicated computing resources to manage the ebb and flow of payment data.

The sheer number of transactions also means they have vast treasure troves of payment data vulnerable to potential data theft. Recent high-profile and successful attacks on retail, healthcare, and financial institutions prove that they are worthwhile targets and that no matter how sophisticated their security perimeter, hackers will find a way to access the crown jewels of payment and personal data. For these organizations, the risk of losing customer data far outweighs the costs of a dedicated cloud platform.

In these cases, a Single-Tenancy Cloud Platform provides the maximum level of service and performance. Single-tenancy segments data both logically and physically. Computing resources and data vaulting is fully dedicated for your sole use and isolated from other clients’s data and processing. As a single-tenant client, you have access to TokenEx e-commerce, batch processing, and web services solutions.

Armor Partnership For Single-Tenancy Cloud Platform

In order to maintain enterprise-class single-tenancy cloud platforms for our clients, TokenEx has partnered with Armor, a leader in secure cloud hosting services. Armor’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides the elastic expandability of computing resources that can support a single-tenancy client. Their comprehensive security capabilities for hosting payment and PII data compliments TokenEx’s tokenization services to provide enterprise-class cloud platform service. As a single-tenant client, you’ll have an Attestation of Compliance from both TokenEx and Armor to support all of your compliance initiatives.

Ask Us How Cloud Tokenization Secures Your Business-Critical Information

Our clients depend on TokenEx to provide a complete and customizable tokenization solution for their omni-channel payment streams and PII data. Let us show you how a unified cloud tokenization platform can help your organization secure all types of data. Call 1.877.316.4544 or click on the contact button to make an appointment to discuss your specific challenges.