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Open Integration

Open Integration

Almost every organization that sells products and services accepts payments through multiple acceptance channels—web stores, point-of-sale terminals, contact centers, and mobile apps. Even non-profit and charity organizations accept donations via their web sites, contact centers, and lately, mobile apps for representatives in the field. For each of these payment acceptance channels, tokenization provides the ultimate method for keeping payment data secure and dramatically lowering the costs of PCI compliance. Since tokenization removes sensitive payment and personally identifiable information (PII) data from internal IT systems, storing it in secure cloud data vaults, it eliminates the risk of data theft. What remains in your IT systems are tokens that represent the sensitive data that are useful only for your business processes, and worthless to a data thief.

TokenEx Open Integration Platform at Work

TokenEx works with organizations in all industries to tokenize, securely vault payment and PII data, and integrate their business processes with payment providers and partners that protect against fraud, inappropriate chargebacks, marketing analytics, and other services.

For multi-national retailer MRC Global, the TokenEx Cloud Data Protection Platform acts as the fabric connecting their diverse portfolio of ERP financial systems with a global network of payment processors. All of their sensitive payment and personal data is scrubbed from their network of ERP systems and safely stored in TokenEx vaults. TokenEx integrates their ERP systems so they exchange tokens to process orders and take payments, without ever storing the actual PANs, alleviating the pain and cost of PCI compliance.

Technology software companies such as Relevant Mobile and Inflection rely on TokenEx to intercept, store, and tokenize mobile and web-store payments, keeping their systems free of toxic data and working smoothly with third-party vendors as needed.

“With TokenEx acting as the central point of integration, we can continue to operate our business as usual, sending batch files of tokens for the cards we want to refresh, or help prevent chargebacks, and TokenEx sends the batch files of payment data to the vendors. We get the same responses back that we are used to, but we never touch the actual PAN data. The ability of TokenEx to be the middleman with all the vendors we need to work with is a huge plus.”
— Avanti Ketkar, Lead Platform Engineer, Inflection.

Ask Us How TokenEx Can Be Your Payment Services Integrator

Our clients depend on TokenEx to provide a complete and customizable tokenization solution for their omni-channel payment streams and PII data. Let us explain how our Open Services Integration Platform, combined with cloud tokenization, can help your organization work with any payment processor and service provider you need to keep your business running securely. Contact Us today to set up an appointment to discuss your specific challenges.

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