A Mutually Beneficial Platform for Providing Tokenization Services

Tokenization is a service that can benefit every organization that accepts payments for products and services, or stores personal and protected data. At the same time, every potential TokenEx client has different business processes and security priorities, along with needing varying levels of support to achieve their goals. TokenEx seeks partnerships to help refer potential new clients, implement custom tokenization to meet the partners’ clients’ specific business requirements, and provide tokenization services and support for organizations around the world.

TokenEx’s vision is to build a partner ecosystem that provides organizations of all types—retail, e-commerce, financial, nonprofit and charities, insurance, and higher education—with a comprehensive and cost-effective tokenization and data security solution. The TokenEx Partnership Programs are designed to clearly and transparently define the five levels of cooperation for mutually beneficial implementations of the TokenEx Cloud Data Protection Platform. We care about your success in referring new clients to TokenEx and implementing tokenization services for your clients. The benefits of partnering with TokenEx are:

  • Growth opportunities by providing security solutions for new clients that reduces both risk of data theft and the cost of PCI compliance.
  • Product and service expansion to help your existing clients secure both their PII and PHI data in addition to PCI.
  • Customer base expansion by adding tokenization security solutions to your own software and services portfolio.

TokenEx provides pathways for both business and technology partnerships.

TokenEx Partnerships

True Digital – Information Security Professional Services

Security is a leading information security services, network security services, and consulting firm that is committed to helping our clients achieve best practices and compliance objectives, while mitigating risk. True is more than just a cybersecurity provider. We become an integral part of your team, helping you make informed risk management decisions and enabling your business to operate most securely and efficiently.


Kount – Fraud

Kount’s Software as a Service platform helps online merchants approve more orders, uncover new revenue streams, simplify fraud detection and dramatically improve bottom line profitability. Our proprietary technology has reviewed transactions for some of the world’s best-known brands. Most importantly, Kount’s turnkey solution is both easy to implement and easy to use. With minimal time and no disruption, your business will accept more orders from more people in more places than ever before.


Armor – Managed Secure Cloud Services

Armor is the world’s most secure managed cloud platform. The complexities of cyber security are daunting for any organization. But for businesses that need battle-tested security and infrastructure to defend critical data workloads and assets — belonging to customers, partners, clients and employees — that intricacy is magnified. Defend what’s yours. Always be in compliance. And secure your future. The ideal solution for organizations that store, access or manage critical or sensitive data that requires the best in security architecture, performance and service.


Applied Payments – Payments Technology & Consultants (India & South Africa)

Applied Payments has over 35 years of experience in the payments industry. As a mission-critical part of your business, your payments system should be as streamlined and efficient as possible while being robust, flexible and low cost. We focus on designing optimum solutions that meet both the business and technology requirements of any payments system including cost, ROI, performance, and availability. Whether you are planning a new payments system or optimizing your existing infrastructure, we provide specialist advice based on industry standards, client requirements and market potential.


Foresite – Information Security Professional Services

Foresite has been the go-to provider of information security and network solutions for hundreds of companies—and is now emerging as the preeminent source for managed security and cloud solutions. These unique and flexible solutions offer businesses innovative ways to address the liabilities of today’s complex security and compliance requirements. Our professionals, long experienced and highly knowledgeable in IT management and security, apply their expertise to providing superior product performance and unparalleled customer service through Foresite’s proprietary ProVision platform.


DataPak Services Corporation – Order Fulfillment

Datapak Services Corporation is a leading marketing and order fulfillment solutions company, offering technology-driven services to its customers for over 25 years. A turnkey, fully integrated operation, Datapak processes orders and provides critical campaign reports all in real-time.


MITEC – Reseller

Mercadotecnia Ideas Y Technologia (Marketing Ideas and Technology), SA de CV (MIT) was established in 2000, as a company specializing in the development of models and tools supported in technology and marketing. This is a result of our vast experience in electronic payment solutions company and our knowledge of technology. Today MIT is a company positioned as the first to develop and operate solutions for: Insurance, Airlines, cable TV, telephone and Hotel Sales.


Modern Influence

Modern Influence is an online marketing agency in Oklahoma City that delivers creative ideas, messaging and solutions to their clients, like TokenEx. Modern Influence can handle all of your digital marketing needs including search engine optimization (SEO), web design, custom programming, graphic design, and much more.

Business Partnerships

When engaging with prospective business partners, our first priority is to ensure that the end client receives excellent service and support at every stage of an implementation. Partners are selected with this priority at the top of the list of requirements. TokenEx stands behind all our services and provides appropriate levels of support, depending on the type of partnership.

White-label Partnerships brand the TokenEx solution as their own with the option of using the “Secured by TokenEx” logo. White Label Resellers resell and handle all integration and account maintenance for the customer as well as provide all front-line support for the customer. TokenEx provides direct support only to the White-label Reseller not their clients.

Resellers sell the TokenEx Cloud Data Protection Platform but do not brand it as their own. A Reseller can use the “Secured by TokenEx” logo if desired. Resellers carry the paper and will maintain the customer relationship for the term of the agreement. TokenEx will be responsible for and bear costs associated with integration and support.

Referral and Consultative Partners provide qualified leads and opportunities that are entirely new to TokenEx and not previously targeted, contacted, or serviced by TokenEx. A qualified lead is submitted to a TokenEx Account Manager for verification and must result in a customer checkout within ninety (90) days from the date of confirmation.

Becoming a TokenEx Partner

If you are a data security-oriented company interested in providing tokenization services, or want to refer your business partners that need to reduce data theft risk and lower PCI compliance costs, talk to us about becoming a partner of TokenEx. Please contact

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