Omni-channel Tokenization

Most organizations—from retailers to charities to multinational distributors—need an omni-channel payment strategy with the flexibility to do business with anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Whether your focus is on accepting payments for e-commerce web stores, web donations for relieve funds, premiums from insurance members, or custom orders for oil field drilling operations, you’ll need to accept payment in the form your customer prefers. Payment data entering through all those channels-web, call centers, swipe card readers, and even mail-in forms, need to be tokenized to keep the payment data out of your systems. TokenEx provides flexible technologies and methodologies to make tokenizing and data vaulting work with any acceptance channel you need to use.

  • TokenEx handles multiple payment acceptance channels, giving you the flexibility to receive your payments as real-time transactions through a web store, as recurring payments, from mobile apps, via customer service representatives, and even from paper/OCR transactions.
  • TokenEx is 100% payment service provider agnostic—you choose processor, gateway, and hardware combinations to suit your business needs.
  • TokenEx integrates with your e-commerce web site using HTTP web service APIs (application programming interfaces). Using a browser-based encryption technique to strictly limit the exposure of payment data to your business systems, credit card data is encrypted during data entry at the customer’s browser then tokenized before entering your systems.
  • TokenEx also handles your batch payment processing if that fits your business better. Instead of sending an aggregation of daily payment card data to your payment gateway for nightly processing, you send tokenized payment batch files to TokenEx where tokens are swapped for PANs and sent on to the payment processor.
  • The TokenEx Transparent Gateway makes it easy for you to integrate your tokenized payment streams with multiple payment processors and to add or change them with very minimal updates to your systems.
  • Virtual terminals are also supported by TokenEx so that payment card data is immediately encrypted at the terminal then sent for tokenization and data vaulting in the TokenEx Cloud Platform.

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