The rapid evolution of cloud computing provides organizations with lower-cost, high-availability computing resources (infrastructure as a service), as well as software as a service (SaaS) ranging from manufacturing resource planning, customer support, sales management, financial services, and e-commerce. Now, TokenEx brings data security as a service (dSaaS) to the cloud. A cloud platform for data security is TokenEx’s key differentiator among the providers of payment processor tokenization, data encryption solutions, and on-premise data security technologies.

Security & Availability

The TokenEx Cloud Security Platform removes sensitive data sets from a client’s IT environment and business systems and stores it in the TokenEx Secure Data Vaults. Because TokenEx is a custodian of your data, we strive to ensure our security and availability capabilities meet the rigor that our clients require to keep their businesses running.

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What are the most commonly asked questions about the TokenEx cloud tokenization data security platform? From latency to payment gateway support to compliance and scope, or any of the other frequently asked questions.

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