Client Portal FAQ


  • What happens if I lose my password to the TokenEx Client Portal?
    Click the ‘forgot password’ link on the portal login page, and then enter your email when prompted.  If you have a portal account a password reset link will be sent to you.
  • I’m receiving emails saying I have a ticket open in the TokenEx Client Portal but I haven’t opened one.  What does this mean?
    This email indicates that someone within your organization or a member of the TokenEx Support team has opened a ticket and included you on that ticket.  Simply login to the portal to review the ticket details.
  • I see both a Production and a Test Client Portal, can I see both environments in one portal or do I have to log into them separately?
    The TokenEx test and production environments are completely separate and the portals are also separate with unique logins.
  • Can I see all my API calls in the portal logs?
    With the portal we show statistics on total API calls and tokens.Logs that are visible in the portal only display error logs.
  • What activity can I view in the portal?
    The dashboard in the portal shows total calls (by method) made each day for the previous 30 days. It also shows total number of tokens currently in your vault.
  • Can I add additional users in the TokenEx Client Portal?
    Portal users with the administrator role can manage users for their organization.  This includes adding and removing users as well and managing user permissions.
  • Can I use a Google number for the two-factor authentication requirement to log into the TokenEx Client Portal?
    TokenEx Portal two-factor authentication requires a valid land-line or mobile number.  This allows for validation of the numbers per security best practices.
  • Is it possible for us to see all our existing tokens on the portal?
    The portal doesn’t display tokens as there is no connectivity between the portal and your token vault. Many customers log and track token lifecycle on their side, but we do have a handful of customers who prefer a periodic extract of all tokens. This can be achieved with an automated batch extract process.
  • What is the API whitelist and why is it needed?
    The whitelisting is part of the TokenEx authorization model and allows you to define IPs that are permitted to make API requests to the TokenEx Platform to access your vault. Customers are able to manage their whitelist through the portal.

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