Secure File Transfer

Secure File Transfer

Secure File Transfer for Batch Processing

When you run your payment batch processes, TokenEx receives your tokenized batch payment files via secure file transfer protocol (SFTP), swaps the tokens with the appropriate PANs, and sends the batch file with PANs to your payment processor. (Refer to the diagram on batch processing.) On the return trip, the settlement files are re-tokenized so that no PANs reenter your organization’s system. With this methodology, you continue to operate with your preferred method of batch processing, and are relieved of storing any payment data and the associated risk of theft.

Why Is This Solution Important For My Business?


Files with sensitive data cleansed before entering environment


Flexibility -SFTP, HTTPS, FTPS -Fixed-Width, Delimited, Custom


De-scope downstream systems from PCI Scope

How Does This Solution Work?

Secure File Transfer with Payment Service Providers

Your organization may use payment service providers to provide card refresh and account update services. TokenEx Open Integration Platform acts as the central integrator between your business systems and these vendors, ensuring that your systems only store tokens. For a card refresh process, for example, your systems would normally receive a secure file transfer from your payment account updater containing updated PANs or expiry dates. With TokenEx as the integration point, files containing the refreshed PANs are directed to your TokenEx Secure Data Vault. This vault is where data is swapped for corresponding tokens along with the refreshed data such as expiration dates, and securely transferred to your systems where accounts are updated.

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