TokenEx Solutions That Are Easy To Integrate

E-Commerce security can take many forms. Literally. Because your web-store forms have their own identity, design and behavior, you want the security behind the final payment step to be so integrated into your e-commerce workflow that your customer doesn’t even know it’s there.


When you want to keep all processing of customer transactions in your own web server (instead of hosting the payment processing), but still need to tokenize the payment and PII data, you can choose to implement tokenization using browser encryption.

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Tokenization Using API

TokenEx provides API that accept requests from applications, browsers, and web servers to receive and store payment card data and return a tokenized version to your systems. A TokenEx API can also receive a token you’ve previously stored.

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Hosted iFrame

As with the TokenEx hosted payment page, the TokenEx iFrame (inline frame) Solution provides maximum flexibility to secure the payment checkout page while keeping the look and feel of your website design.

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Enhance Your Customer's Experience

The TokenEx Cloud Security Platform not only keeps your customers’ payment and personal data secure, it can seamlessly integrate into the shopping experience under your design control. While payment gateways can provide a hosted page for completing shopping transactions, they usually have a very different look and feel. What you want is a custom-tailored payment experience that works with your site, hiding all the security and tokenization processes from the customer’s view, while intercepting payment data before it enters any part of your system. That makes your customers’ experience as smooth as your web designers can make it, without forcing them to jump out into a completely different design and interface. It’s that jarring transition to a third-party payment experience that can make a customer think twice about the purchase—or need to search for different passwords—thus risking the abandonment of a purchase.

TokenEx E-Commerce Solutions at Work

A TokenEx retail client maintains an eCommerce shop that is a sophisticated application feeding a number of business lines that sell different products and solutions. The e-tailer counts on their recurring billing and payments capability to maintain the one-click buying service and encourage customer loyalty.

TokenEx created a custom tokenization integration solution that unifies the retailer’s website store, the payment service, a fraud prevention provider, a marketing service, and a fulfillment vendor. As part of the tokenization service, TokenEx provided project management and software architecture consulting to design and implement an efficient and streamlined flow of information among the e-commerce engine and the supporting partner services.

Using a browser-based encryption solution, all payment and PII data is encrypted, tokenized, and stored on the TokenEx Cloud Security Platform, ensuring that no toxic data ever reaches the IT systems of the e-tailer or its partners. Even though the partners only had access to the tokenized payment information, they were able to provide credit card fraud protection; marketing analysis on customer behavior and campaign success rates; and order fulfillment using verified payment data. TokenEx enabled the retailer to remove their own back-office systems from PCI scope—as well as the interfaces to their partners’ systems. TokenEx is service provider agnostic, providing integration among all a retailer’s partners.

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