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Checkout Page - Customizable Security

TokenEx offers a fully-customizable solution for website shopping checkout pages. With TokenEx, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution that forces you to change your payment checkout processes. The TokenEx goal is to ensure that your customers’ sensitive data is as secure as possible while also providing smooth, consistent check-out experience.

TokenEx iFrame Solution

The TokenEx iFrame (inline frame) Solution provides maximum flexibility to secure the payment checkout page while keeping the look and feel of your web site design. But rather than redirecting every element on your checkout page to TokenEx servers, you simply place HTML iFrame code on your checkout page so that all data entered within that iFrame is submitted to the TokenEx Data Protection Platform.

Security Without Disruption

Not all tokenization payment page solutions are flexible enough to meld with the way you want to do business. You don’t want a security provider that just offloads your final payment page to their site, which is branded and designed by them. It’s disruptive to the shopping experience and can lead to abandoned shopping carts as the customer battles with a different UI and possibly different user IDs and passwords. The TokenEx iFrame uses your design and CSS to make the final step of the shopping experience seamless to your customer while securing sensitive data and keeping it out of your business environment.

Integrate Payment Services for Layered Security

A payment page security solution needs to be flexible to interface with other e-commerce partners such as a fraud detection service or marketing analytics provider. The TokenEx Data Protection Platform has the capability to pass payment information to your partner vendors, so they can work in concert with your shopping experience. For example, TokenEx can pass credit card numbers to a fraud detection partner that provides a fraud rating to your merchant sales software for review. Your business systems never capture, store, or transmit any sensitive payment information, just tokens, keeping your systems outside the scope of PCI compliance. For more information on integration, read the article Breaking The Cycle of Payment Fraud With Layered Security.

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