Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention

Kount Fraud Detection Integration

Kount is a premier fraud detection and chargeback mitigation partner of TokenEx, with a growing number of mutual customers. Kount’s services combine an artificial intelligence engine with supervised machine learning. The supervised component adds human reasoning to assist with analyzing transactions in your real time payment stream that the AI feels are in the grey area. In milliseconds, Kount provides a fraud score, a status, and about sixty data points that your systems can then use to decide the level of acceptable risk that will help you to increase sales while decreasing chargebacks.

TokenEx has pre-built integration with Kount’s real-time fraud analysis services. TokenEx swaps the tokens representing the PANs you need checked, with the Kount-specified hash value for the PANs and sends them to Kount for analysis. Kount’s Risk Decision Rules Engine determines whether the transaction is approved, declined, or requires review. TokenEx provides the merchant with a hashed version of the PAN to send off to Kount’s Risk Inquiry service to quickly conclude the customer experience. Unless additional human review is suggested, the whole cycle takes milliseconds, so the customer experience is unaffected.

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