Layered Security

Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention

Layered Security Model

Tokenization is the foundation of securing your sensitive data from theft. However, there are many other ways for black market hackers to fraudulently use information stolen from other organizations against your business. After all, payment card information is a favorite hacker target because it can be used for card-not-present transactions to quickly rack up large purchases before the PANs are cancelled, leaving merchants in the lurch for lost merchandise and costly chargebacks. On the other hand, an overly cautious fraud prevention system can result in too many rejected sales, angering honest customers. So even if your data is safely tokenized and vaulted, fraud can still take a big bite out of your profits. The answer to this dilemma is to deploy a layered security model combining tokenization with other services such as fraud detection and chargeback management.

Layering Security Solutions for Secure Payment Processing

Fraud analysis and detection is only one example of the payment service processes that TokenEx can integrate into your tokenized payment stream. TokenEx provides all the necessary formatting and translations of payment data required by a service provider.

A card refresh vendor, for example, usually provides updates via secure file transfer into your business systems. When TokenEx is the integration point, the file of refreshed PANs from is routed to your Secure Data Vault where TokenEx replaces the PANs with corresponding tokens and securely transmits the file to your systems. Your business processes don’t change because TokenEx takes care of all the integration with your chosen vendors.

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