Transparent Gateway



Transparent Gateway is the Key to Simplicity

Once you’ve achieved the goal of ridding your business environment of payment card data through tokenization, you’ll use TokenEx to process all new and recurring payments. You initiate transactions with your payment processing providers, as you did before you were using tokenization, except you send the request to TokenEx using, for example, a web services message with tokens instead of the Primary Account Numbers (PAN), which are now locked away in the TokenEx Data Vault. Upon receiving your request to process a payment, TokenEx extracts the PAN from the payment data vault, swaps it for the token and sends the message on to the payment processor for authorization. Simple.

TokenEx is payment processor agnostic and we want to make processing your payments as easy—and of course secure—as possible. A degree of complexity can be introduced when you have many payment service providers, each with their own messaging format. The more payment processors you have, the more message formats to keep track of and of course, the more testing to ensure accuracy. When you want to add a new payment processor, the web service API may need additional customization and testing.

We think transparency is the key to simplicity. The TokenEx Transparent Gateway makes it simple for you to add and change payment providers without having to recode web service messaging. By simply adding a locator for the token that lies within the message to the HTTP message header, the TokenEx Transparent Gateway service swaps the PAN for the token, then forwards the message to the payment gateway. The response is returned to you in the same format you receive today. Simply put, your payment processing application code remains the same with only the addition of the http header. Testing is minimized, and you have complete control of the choice of payment providers. Your payment data is secure. Your payment processing simplified.

The TokenEx Transparent Gateway enables you to easily choose among the many payment processors to obtain the best rates, programs, incentives and service levels. It gives you the ability to change payment processors as you see fit, so you can negotiate the best deal among processors. Should one of your payment processors become unavailable, the Transparent Gateway enables you to quickly switch to a backup processor without recoding.

Another benefit of the Transparent Gateway is that it makes the content of the message you are forwarding to the payment gateway irrelevant to TokenEx systems. Since only the HTTP header is being interpreted by TokenEx to determine the location of the token in the message, the message’s contents does not need to be deciphered, thus speeding up the flow of data among your systems, TokenEx data vaults, and the payment processor.

Ask Us How the Transparent Gateway Can Streamline Your Payment Processing

Our clients depend on TokenEx to provide a complete and customizable tokenization solution for their omni-channel payment streams. Let us explain how a unified cloud tokenization platform and unique technology such as the Transparent Gateway can help your organization secure all types of data. Contact us today for an appointment to discuss your specific challenges.