Supported Payment Gateways

Supported Gateways

TokenEx Direct Gateway Platform

Payment gateways facilitate communication of payment transactions among merchants, payment processors, card companies, and banks. The gateways transmit purchasing information from a merchant’s online store to the appropriate payment processors and returns approved or declined responses to the merchant. With the TokenEx Direct Gateway Platform managing the merchant’s integration to the payment gateways, no payment account numbers (PAN) are ever accepted, stored, or transmitted by the merchant’s web store or business systems. By swapping PANs for tokens, merchants eliminate the risk of data theft and reduce the scope of PCI compliance.

PANs at rest or in transit need to be protected from theft, so they cannot be stolen and used fraudulently for buying goods and services, identity theft, and account takeover schemes. Therefore, strict compliance with data security rules is a critical component to consider when selecting payment gateways and processors. TokenEx follows the security rules and standards defined by Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS). You can trust TokenEx to capture, encrypt, tokenize, and store PANs according to strict PCI DSS rules. Read more about how TokenEx secures payment data transmitted among customers, merchants, and payment gateways in compliance with PCI DSS.

TokenEx Direct Gateway Platform is payment gateway and processor agnostic. TokenEx currently integrates with many of the most popular payment gateways and processors, tokenizing all major credit and debit cards for fast and secure account processing. Currently, the TokenEx Direct Gateway Platform integrates with over 130 payment gateways, including Stripe, Chase, and PayPal (see the full list below). TokenEx can quickly add specific gateways and processors upon client request. TokenEx also integrates with World Payment Processing for secure international transactions, making it easy and convenient for organizations to accept payment from customers all over the world. TokenEx’s seamless integration with payment gateways assists merchants in growing their business by providing the ability to work with multiple gateways, reduce checkout page complexity to increase checkout completion rates, and reduce the cost of PCI compliance. TokenEx provides a simple solution to the complex problem of integrating with payment gateways and processors of your choosing.

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