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12 Feb

Understanding the IoT Digital Attack Surface and Threat Mitigation

Understanding the IoT Digital Attack Surface and Threat Mitigation The IoT (Internet of Things) continues to grow, which in turn expands your organization’s attack surface. That’s because the more “things” you connect to your business network, the more data is collected and the more endpoints there are to safeguard. According

13 Aug

A Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit Will Cripple Retailers

Recent federal court rulings are showing more favor for victims of data breaches, giving precedent to class-action lawsuits against the businesses who are breached. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit recently ruled that victims of data stolen during a security breach at Neiman Marcus stores have standing—a

16 Jul

Storing Payment Card Information Puts Not-For-Profits At Serious Risk

Tokenization is the buzzword that retailers all over the world are talking about. The reason why is retailers are starting to learn that when you tokenize Payment Card Information (PCI), your PCI compliance/scope are significantly reduced saving you to the hundreds of thousands of dollars in reduced audit costs and

05 May

MCX Better Fix the Holes in a Sinking Ship

MCX Better Fix the Holes in a Sinking Ship Mobile payments have seen a lot of players jockeying for position to lead the charge. ApplePay has been at the forefront of mobile payments, while pushing tokenization for security measures. Starbucks has continued to print money in their stores with the

22 Apr

Elastic Tokenization Pricing Models

Elastic Tokenization Pricing Models Accommodate Your Business The TokenEx Cloud Security Platform is designed to provide tokenization and data security to many different types of organizations: from e-commerce, retail, healthcare, and insurance, to not-for-profits, charities, and higher education. Each type of organization requires different combinations of tokenization, data vaulting, and

13 Apr

TokenEx vs. Payment Processors – Evaluating Tokenization Services

TokenEx vs. Payment Processor Solutions As the repercussions of payment data theft rise in direct proportion with the alarming frequency of successful attacks, many organizations are seeking additional methods of safeguarding their treasure trove of data. Cloud-based payment tokenization is the only security technique that ensures your sensitive data can

26 Mar

Multi-Tenant Tokenization Provides A Practical Solution

Multi-Tenant Tokenization Provides A Practical Solution Last week we looked at Single-Tenant Tokenization and how it maximizes performance and security. Unfortunately, budgetary constraints and program initiatives are the main issues in deciding between Single-Tenant versus Multi-Tenant tokenization. The reality for most organizations is a limited budget in choosing security solutions. In