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03 Apr

Evolution of Tokenization Deployment Models

Tokenization Evolution – Integration Deployment Models Tokenization has been thrust to the forefront of data security. The technology has existed for quite a while it just went under the name masking, hashing, obfuscation or a litany of other terms. The reason why so many organizations are moving to tokenize their

26 Mar

Multi-Tenant Tokenization Provides A Practical Solution

Multi-Tenant Tokenization Provides A Practical Solution Last week we looked at Single-Tenant Tokenization and how it maximizes performance and security. Unfortunately, budgetary constraints and program initiatives are the main issues in deciding between Single-Tenant versus Multi-Tenant tokenization. The reality for most organizations is a limited budget in choosing security solutions. In

06 Mar

Single Tenant Tokenization Provides Maximum Performance

Single Tenant Tokenization Provides Maximum Performance The hundreds of articles, podcasts, blogs and every other area of social media are blasting information about tokenization and how it is changing data security for the better. As the CEO of a tokenization provider, that news could not be more exciting for me.