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05 May

MCX Better Fix the Holes in a Sinking Ship

MCX Better Fix the Holes in a Sinking Ship Mobile payments have seen a lot of players jockeying for position to lead the charge. ApplePay has been at the forefront of mobile payments, while pushing tokenization for security measures. Starbucks has continued to print money in their stores with the

04 Dec

EMV for Petroleum Retailers

EMV for Petroleum Retailers Petroleum retailers across the United States are at a pivotal crossroads when it comes to card present fraud. By October 1st, 2017 all petroleum retailers must adopt EMV or pay for credit card fraud themselves. Gasoline retailers have about two years longer than standard retailers because

06 Aug

Mobile Payments – Is the Risk Worth it?

Mobile Payments – Is the risk worth it? The number of channels businesses must use to bring convenience and ease of payment for their customers has moved into mobile payment processing. Your smart device is now a cash fixture. With NFC (Near Field Communications) functionality finding its way across all