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25 Aug

Are Global Card Brands Stacking the Deck with EMVco?

The card brands have something up their sleeve with the EMVco network tokenization standards. According to the April 2015 PCI document “Tokenization Product Security Guidelines” EMVco has set proprietary standards on network tokenization. These new suggested proprietary standards obviously benefit the card brands and are intended to create additional barriers

04 Feb

What Did We Learn in Data Security in 2014?

What Did We Learn in Data Security in 2014? We learned that 2014 was the year of the data breach with over 761 data breaches exposing hundreds of millions of records. Target, Home Depot, UC Berkley, JP Morgan, and the list goes on and on of the high-profile organizations that were

01 Dec

Retailers Get Ready – The Impact of EMV

Retailers Get Ready – The Impact of EMV If you’ve read any payment or retailer focused articles lately, you know that the upcoming EMV liability shifts promises to be one of the most significant issues facing retailers in 2015 if not the decade. Retailers are understandably hesitant to foot the

06 Aug

Mobile Payments – Is the Risk Worth it?

Mobile Payments – Is the risk worth it? The number of channels businesses must use to bring convenience and ease of payment for their customers has moved into mobile payment processing. Your smart device is now a cash fixture. With NFC (Near Field Communications) functionality finding its way across all

20 May

Outsourcing Tokenization vs. On-Premise Data Security

Outsourcing Tokenization vs. On-Premise Data Security Every data security solution has the same ultimate goal – reduce the risk of handling and storing sensitive data. Nobody wants to face a breach or a service outage, and every solution will have ways of managing that risk. The differences arise in the specific