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23 Sep

Overcoming Major Data Security Challenges in Retail Petroleum Part 1

Part One of a Three Part Blog:  Understanding Data Security Challenges in the Retail Petroleum Industry Receiving, storing, and transmitting sensitive data presents challenges for every business. One of the riskiest datasets to handle is payment card data, as it is easy to steal, sell, and use for fraudulent purchases. Due

16 Jul

Storing Payment Card Information Puts Not-For-Profits At Serious Risk

Tokenization is the buzzword that retailers all over the world are talking about. The reason why is retailers are starting to learn that when you tokenize Payment Card Information (PCI), your PCI compliance/scope are significantly reduced saving you to the hundreds of thousands of dollars in reduced audit costs and

17 Dec

Consumer Authentication – The Liability Shift

Consumer Authentication – What’s in it for Me? Many merchants with an online presence have been hesitant to implement consumer authentication for a variety of reasons. With the use of ‘3-D Secure’ (3DS, Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode) customers may be more likely to abandon a purchase if they feel

13 Aug

Serendipity is Not an Adequate Data Security Solution

Serendipity is Not an Adequate Data Security Solution The merry-go-round of data breaches continues across industries as both Weber State University and Seattle University are the latest victims of a data breach. Over 1200 students were exposed as a result of the breach at WSU, while Seattle University notified the