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13 Aug

A Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit Will Cripple Retailers

Recent federal court rulings are showing more favor for victims of data breaches, giving precedent to class-action lawsuits against the businesses who are breached. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit recently ruled that victims of data stolen during a security breach at Neiman Marcus stores have standing—a

16 Jul

Storing Payment Card Information Puts Not-For-Profits At Serious Risk

Tokenization is the buzzword that retailers all over the world are talking about. The reason why is retailers are starting to learn that when you tokenize Payment Card Information (PCI), your PCI compliance/scope are significantly reduced saving you to the hundreds of thousands of dollars in reduced audit costs and

04 Feb

What Did We Learn in Data Security in 2014?

What Did We Learn in Data Security in 2014? We learned that 2014 was the year of the data breach with over 761 data breaches exposing hundreds of millions of records. Target, Home Depot, UC Berkley, JP Morgan, and the list goes on and on of the high-profile organizations that were

06 Aug

Mobile Payments – Is the Risk Worth it?

Mobile Payments – Is the risk worth it? The number of channels businesses must use to bring convenience and ease of payment for their customers has moved into mobile payment processing. Your smart device is now a cash fixture. With NFC (Near Field Communications) functionality finding its way across all

02 Jul

The Soft Costs Of A Data Breach

THE SOFT COSTS OF A DATA BREACH Co-Founder of TokenEx®, the Expanding Cloud-Based Data Tokenization Resource, Reveals the Hidden Costs of Hacks According to the Ponemon Institute's 2014 Cost of Data Breach Study, the average financial cost for each stolen record rose from $188 to $201, and the total average cost

06 Jun

Stockholder Fallout Over Data Breaches

Stockholder Fallout Over Data Breaches Target, Nieman Marcus, Living Social, Adobe, and The United States Federal Reserve are just a few of the casualties of the latest wave of data breaches. And now, eBay? How could such a beloved international company who is able to sell… well, anything, be vulnerable

20 May

Outsourcing Tokenization vs. On-Premise Data Security

Outsourcing Tokenization vs. On-Premise Data Security Every data security solution has the same ultimate goal – reduce the risk of handling and storing sensitive data. Nobody wants to face a breach or a service outage, and every solution will have ways of managing that risk. The differences arise in the specific