Tokenization Landing

TokenEx Makes Tokenization Simple

Ensure Compliance
& Protect PII

The purpose of tokenization is to swap out sensitive data—typically payment card or
bank account numbers—with a randomized number in the same format, but with no
intrinsic value of its own. This process of removing sensitive data from your business
systems by replacing them with an undecipherable token, enables you to store the
original data in a secure cloud data vault. A tokenization platform that incorporates off-
site data vaulting can thwart the most nefarious of attacks from gaining any type of
usable information—financial or personal. No Data. No Theft.

How TokenEx Leads the Industry

Any Data Set: Most tokenization solutions from other service providers deal only
with payment data. We secure not only PCI, but also PII, PHI, and any sensitive
data set covered by diverse international rules and regulations that vary by

  • Any Data Set: Most tokenization solutions from other service providers
    deal only with payment data. TokenEx secures PCI, PII, PHI, ACH, NPI, or any sensitive data set your organization handles
    or processes.
  • Omni-channel Acceptance: TokenEx provides flexible technologies and
    methodologies to make tokenizing and data vaulting work with any
    acceptance channel you need to use.
  • Token Schemes: TokenEx is an open
    integration platform, and as such provides a wide choice of industry-
    standard token formats for you to use.
  • Payment Processor/Vendor Agnostic platform: TokenEx integrates
    transparently with existing business processes and service providers
    enabling you to select the vendor that best fits your organization’s needs.

Speak with a specialist today about your specific needs and learn how tokenization can help secure your sensitive data sets to reduce your risk and help you achieve compliance. 

About Us

TokenEx was founded by two security experts to combat data theft while helping organizations reduce the costs associated with Payment Card Information (PCI) compliance. By integrating four key technologies—tokenization, encryption, data vaulting, and key management—with a highly secure cloud-computing platform, TokenEx has grown rapidly, becoming the choice tokenization vendor for data security.