What’s cookin’ in the TokenEx Lab?

11 Sep

As you may or may not know, TokenEx is in the thick of prepping the TokenEx Web Service for licensed consumption by clients. This means that you will be able to run the TokenEx Web Service in-house instead of being forced to rely on a third-party's (TokenEx's) uptime and performance. In turn, we are looking into ways to make our product the most intuitive and convenient to manage.

At the moment our Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) web service is hosted by IIS or Apache. While designing our plugin API, we have discovered a number of benefits to moving the service to a self-hosted model. Because a self-hosted application is always running, we are seeing less latency when examining the amount of time required to make a request and receive a response. Furthermore, a self-hosted application allows for tools such as heartbeats to exist on protocols with less overhead than that of HTTP. The last benefit to moving our product to a self-hosted application is manageability. I am a command-line junkie, and I think most good system administrators share my sentiments for the simple, yet powerful interfaces provided via command line. While GUIs are nice, the command line is where magic can happen that just can't be rivaled by GUI tools.

With this, I look forward to updating you on the progress of several TokenEx projects over the coming months.

  1. The release of our web-service as a commercial product
  2. The development of our licensing platform
  3. The development of a plugin API that will allow customers to interact with many portions of the tokenization and payment process
  4. The transition of our web service to a self-hosted Windows Service
  5. The development of a console-based management tool for the web service
  6. The progress of Linux compatibility
  7. The progress of Solaris compatibility
  8. The progress of OS X compatibility